Dreambook letter S

SAINT - Peace in life 
SCISSORS - Quarrels with partner
SHIP WRECK - Misfortune
SHOPPING - Domestic happiness or success in business
SKY - Promotion, Happy 
SMILE - Good luck 
SNAKE - Enemies seeking your ruin
SNAKE - An recurring issue that has not been resolved yet. Can involve treachery or sense of betrayal. 
SNAKE BITE - Worries
STARS - Favour from superiors 
STORM - Gain 
SUN - Wealth, up lift 
SUN RISE - Worries, loss 
SWIMMING - Relief from disease 
SWIM - At peace and comfortable with one`s emotions. Things are under control. 
SALESMAN - A salesman is a guide in a dream. Guides are often silent in dreams and indicate their message by what they are doing, wearing, or have with them. For example, if the salesman is ignoring you it means you are ignoring your guides in reality. When a guide speaks in a dream they are infallible. Always take their message as it is.
SAND - Sand is on a beach and so represents your spiritual approach or your approach to life itself. The sea represents life since that is where life on earth began. The beach is the approach to the sea so symbolically represents your approach to life.
SANDCASTLE - A sandcastle asks you to be more creative with your approach to life / spirituality. A beach represents your approach to life / spirituality and a sandcastle is created on the beach.
SATELLITE - A satellite, being used for communication, symbolizes that you have an ability to communicate with spirits.
SCAFFOLDING - Scaffolding, when high up, indicates the dream is about your spiritual side (higher side). Other symbols in the dream give the specific subject matter. This will most likely be given by the building in question. Scaffolding around the education centre of a church is about your spiritual education. Scaffolding at a post office is about channeling and so on. To be afraid when up high on scaffolding indicates a fear of persecution with regard to the spiritual issues you are delving into. This is common when getting into channeling, for instance.
SCHOOL - School, being a place of learning, symbolizes learning about yourself with a view to improving yourself.
A medical school symbolizes learning about yourself with a view to improving your health. A school bus symbolizes your life journey. Indeed life is all about learning about yourself while living your journey.
SCHOOL - A place where one works out situations with a feeling of being on familiar ground, a controllable situation. Can resolve issues never done in school or use those old solutions to apply to current situation. For teens its the backdrop for many social issues. 
SCIENCE ROOM - Being in a science room indicates your approach to life is restricted to what science has already proven.
SCREEN - A projection screen indicates a strong intellect and the ability to project your mind onto others. Along with that comes the ability to perform absent healing and hypnosis Р both of which work through mind projection. A screen can also indicate medical screening for health problems.
SCROLL - A scroll is associated with ancient writing and wisdom and in dreams indicates that you have a creative writing ability. As with any other spiritual ability you are being shown you have it to encourage you to develop and use it.
SEA - The sea symbolizes life and spirituality in dreams, except when dirty or polluted, in which case it symbolizes your circulatory system. Drowning at sea indicates that you feel completely overwhelmed with life right now. There is so much going on that you feel like you are going under. The rest of the dream has symbols for why this is how you feel, and this should give clues as to what you need to do to overcome it. Rescuing someone lost at sea indicates you have a special spiritual ability. When people die, we often assume that the transition to the spirit world is a straight forward process that happens automatically. This is not always the case. Souls have to traverse the astral plane to get to where they need to be. However, the astral plane is vast and souls often get lost in a state of confusion there. When you sleep, and your soul leaves your body, you also visit the astral plane. Your special ability is to find souls lost on this plane and help them to the other side. How you have this ability is irrelevant. It is important that you do not refuse to rescue people in your dreams as this indicates reluctance on your part to using your gift. While you are not immediately rewarded physically for doing this, your actions do lead to positive karma.
SCREAM - A response provoked by many dreams to get someone to externalize with held emotions. 
SEARCH - Search and not find: Instills the need to find something that is lacking within. Can be spiritual or need for self-examination. Search and find: Signal of accomplishment and self-capability. 
SHADOW - Your own shadow: Your higher Self participates with you. Your counterpart (shadow) personality that you are trying to integrate with. 
SHARK - Emotional threat to self or other person. 
SHOWER - Cleansing one self from things that affect the emotions. Relief from stressed emotions. 
SIGN - Things that appear to you as a "sign" require paying attention to. There may be a message there for you. 
SINKING - Sense of losing the battle to provoke one to fight on. 
SIZE - Exaggerated sizes of things are to get your attention. Examine them in detail. 
SLIDING - Instills a sense of instability and tenuousness related to the subject involved. 
SPACESHIP - Fearful: Overpowering and puzzling situation or circumstances that makes no sense to you. Happy: Feeling that you have help that is out of this world, there is more than the material powers in the current civilization. 
SPIDER - Little annoying or irritating things that are left undone. Can be a fear of gossipy things said about you - or the consequences of gossip you engaged in regarding someone else. 
SPIRITS or GHOST - Connections with another world. Fear: You need to address your fears about death or of the unknown. Vivid images of family members contain messages for you. Spirit images of loved ones try to console those they left behind. Negative spirits challenge you to address your fear, chase them away and you won. 
STAIRS - Take you to another level of understanding or progress in your spiritual, emotional or material life.
STALKER - The thing left undone or being avoided wants to be addressed. 
STEAL - You steal: A bit of dishonesty comes to your attention. Someone steals from you: Dealing with your own loss of material or 

emotional belongings.