Horoscope of the Capricorn Child

Capricorns are the most responsible children. They always look mature and serious beyond their years and talk about life almost like wise old men. A sense of duty and responsibility is inherent in this sign from a very early age. He wears them all his life. Due to his overly serious attitude to life, even Capricorn's sense of humor, even from childhood, is more reminiscent of the sarcasm of an adult who has seen a lot in life. It is important for parents to help their Capricorn child not to be too serious: play with him more often in various games, have fun, watch funny cartoons and movies without much meaning, just to relax and laugh . Little Capricorns prefer educational games that are sure to give practical results. Capricorns, even in childhood, have a pessimistic attitude to life, in order to avoid apathy and depressed moods in the future, parents should always and everywhere show their Capricorn child the bright sides of the world around him, teach him to see the beauty in small things and enjoy life. At school, Capricorn will prove to be a very ambitious and purposeful student. He will work hard, strive for perfection, but not for praise or grades, but to achieve a practical result and gain knowledge. The organized Capricorn, who loves order, consistency and facts, always gives preference to topics related to history and politics. Capricorns like to study the biographies of famous and successful people, they stimulate and inspire them. From childhood, Capricorns are indifferent to sports and prefer to avoid physical activity. They prefer to actively train their brain.