Horoscope of the Sagittarius Child

Sagittarians are incredibly energetic, active and inquisitive children. These are real capricious people who can't stand boredom. They are ready for anything, just don't sit in one place. Little Sagittarius wants to know everything and usually bores adults with endless questions. Sagittarians are very direct and like to tell the truth. But they also like to embellish this truth so that it is not boring. This is especially true for Sagittarius children, who are big dreamers. Their rich imagination can lead them to come up with two "real" versions at once. For Sagittarius, school is the place where they can express themselves. Therefore, children of this sign, as a rule, learn with pleasure and, thanks to their energy, do everything quickly. The Sagittarius child usually likes to read, as he always strives to gain new knowledge. But at the same time, he cannot sit still for a long time, so intellectual activities must often alternate with active games in the fresh air. Thanks to his excessive sociability, the Sagittarius quickly becomes a class favorite, the life of the party and a witty, cheerful person. The Sagittarius child is grumpy and impulsive, he doesn't know how to control his emotions, he can be too rude, but he cools down very quickly and instantly forgets all insults. The most negative trait of Sagittarius is the inability to take and bear responsibility. It is important that parents help Sagittarius develop a sense of responsibility from childhood by entrusting him with the care of a pet. Since childhood, Sagittarius likes to absorb new impressions, he is always full of enthusiasm and looks at the world as a true optimist. Sagittarius needs constant physical activity, therefore, while still a baby, he strives to walk as fast as possible or, even better, to run. Sagittarians love large spaces, freedom and fresh air. Therefore, active games in nature are the best entertainment for a Sagittarius child. In general, sports and physical activity are the best healers for any Sagittarius ailment: both physical and spiritual. Since childhood, Sagittarians have a special attitude to freedom. They do not tolerate restrictions. But they can be motivated by expanding the boundaries of personal freedom. For the sake of freedom, Sagittarius will agree to take responsibility. Since childhood, Sagittarians love to travel and always feel comfortable in any conditions that help them avoid boredom and everyday life. Student cultural exchange programs are very suitable for Sagittarians. And the ability to learn foreign languages ​​helps Sagittarius to get full communication in their travels. Representatives of this sign are quite capable of learning even several different foreign languages ​​at once. Parents should pay attention and start developing these abilities in their Sagittarius children as early as possible. Due to their frivolity, Sagittarius teenagers often end up in not the best companies and in various troubles. Fortunately, they are very lucky and many troubles, as fate would have it, surround them.