Mysteries. Interpretation of dreams with the letter P

PAIN - Transfers emotional pain to the physical. Regarding body parts, a possible health related situation that should be investigated. 
PARADISE - Refreshes the soul spirit. A vacation from the physical and material world. A reminder of better things.
PARALYSIS - Often felt during lucid dreaming and when someone wants to move physically in a dream. Can also represent one*s inability to function in a given situation. 
POLICE - Authority figures add sense of protection or rescue. Can also provide sense of impending punishment. 
PREGNANCY - Desire a baby: You may be pregnant or its giving you what you want so you don*t feel wanting. Don't want a baby just yet or you are a virgin: The dream is satisfying your instinct to have one. Someone else may be pregnant. 
PAINTING - Paintings represent ideals. For example, a painting of a man up high on a wall would indicate your ideal man.
PARADE - Parades are a celebration of identify and in dreams signify you need to establish your identity. What is unique about you?
PARENT - To dream of your parent signifies that you are carrying the influence of that parent. While your parents may influence you in many positive ways Р dreams only focus on changes you need to make. The likelihood is that the parent in the dream is influencing you in a negative way with regard to the subject matter of the dream. This may not be obvious to you.
PARK - A park symbolizes your heart, circulatory system and emotions as green is the color of the heart chakra. 
An amusement park is healing for depression or a request to enjoy yourself. It symbolically tries to put a sense of fun and amusement back into your heart.
PARKING TICKET - A parking ticket tells you that now is the time for action Р set goals and pursue them.
PARNELL - Charles Stewart Parnell, the uncrowned king of Ireland, symbolizes conflict between love and career. In the last years of his life, Parnell could not choose between the two and trying to keep both became his last struggle.
PARTNER - To dream of your partner means the dream is primarily about the nature of your relationship. The rest of the symbols in the dream will expand on the theme. Walking or driving down a dead end street, for instance, shows that the relationship is going nowhere. Sitting in a parked car can mean the same thing.
Sleeping at opposite ends of the bed indicates that you and your partner are polar opposites Р your heads are pointing in different directions. Consequently, there will be a lot of conflict in your relationship. A dream of moving to Belfast would indicate the same thing unless you are from there or have reason to move there.
Dreaming of your partner driving while you are in the back seat, shows that you are not treated equally in the relationship Р your place is in the back.
To dream of your partner dying, is indicative of being in a relationship that you do not want to lose. While it seems dramatic, the dream is trying to show you how much your partner means to you. Perhaps you have recently slipped into taking your partner for granted. This is a common dream when you find yourself in a relationship that feels like true love, particularly when it follows a bad relationship. The most common theme is your partner dying in a car crash. To dream of your partner dying or leaving you stranded can also be about a previous relationship, including the foundation of all male relationships, the one with your father. If your father has died recently or his death is still heavy in your heart, then it is natural enough to have dreams where you face this happening again with another man you love. It is not a premonition that they will die.
PARTY - Any party in a dream symbolizes your birth Р the event to be most celebrated in your life. It does not matter if it is someone elseХs party in the dream.
PASSING - Passing is sometimes a pun on death, as in my mother passed away. In dreams it will usually refer to the passing of someone close to you. It normally shows up with words such as, Тthe heating pipe burst and a woman passed.У Note the missing preposition from the dreamerХs words. We would normally say, Тpassed byУ. This is the most common way it is recorded when passing refers to a person passing into spirit. In the example given, the dream was reminding the dreamer of their motherХs death due to a heart / circulatory condition. The rest of the dream explained why it was important to look at this now.
PEACH - Peach symbolizes Empathy. Empathy is the trademark of a skilled counselor. If a guide wears or brings peach it means that you have the potential to be a counselor. It is common to have other gifts that complement your counseling ability. For example, to dream of peach lamp shades means your intuition (lamp) helps you when counseling.
PRAYER - Health and happiness