Horoscope of the Leo Child

From childhood, this child strives for perfection, to be the best. The Leo child is a born leader and actor. Therefore, the little Leo will also strive to gather around him spectators who admire him. The Leo child is very sociable, has many friends, but rather chooses for himself such friends who will admire him, and for whom he will be the undisputed leader. It is not advisable to pamper the little Leo with too much attention and increased admiration from childhood, otherwise he may grow up as a real narcissist and poser, too selfish and self-confident. To control this vanity and selfishness of the little lion, it is necessary to provide such a child with very strict discipline. Otherwise, he will quickly find out who is in charge here, and any action that contradicts his wishes will cause violent hysteria and scandals. But at the same time, the Leo child cannot be scolded and humiliated. First of all, you need to point out his merits, praise him, and then tell him where it would be better for him to change his behavior. In school, Leos in most cases do very well, because it is important for them to shine in everything. At the very least, if it is considered prestigious among peers to study well, Leo will certainly become the first excellent student. Little Leos often have very good dancing and acting skills. That is why parents should help their child discover and develop his talent by sending him to a theater club or dance school as early as possible. The main thing to remember is that the Leo child will always be exactly the way others like him, the kind that attracts everyone's attention and causes admiration. Therefore, from childhood you should praise his behavior as often as possible when it is generous, soft and gentle. Then the Leo child will remain so for the rest of his life, choosing this very method to gain universal respect and love.