Coffee Reading

Coffee reading is quite complicated. Let's say in advance that straight lines are favorable, while broken and tortuous lines are not. Here are more specific interpretations: the curved line shows cunning and deceit;
broken line - heart relationship;
the full square - inheritance; a large egg image in a drawing signifies a good marriage;
the cross - death
circle - you will receive a gift;
circle with points - birth;
flower - love;
clover - you will receive money;
willow-like pattern - tears and prolonged crying;

In addition to the figures and lines listed so far, there are others that resemble people, animals, objects, and so on. Below we explain how they should be interpreted in coffee divination:

old woman - sincere love;
old man - happy marriage;
young woman - unhappy love;
young man - unhappy marriage;
girl - love with adventures;
boy - love with hypocrisy;
forest - delusion in life;
mountain - everyone loves you;
sea - a journey by sea;
river - your work goes like water;
rabbit - cowardice and myopia;
wolf - strong will;
fox - cunning and cunning;
hen - trouble;
rooster - good news;
pigeon - an innocent and pure soul;
eagle - fight with a strong man;
raven - grief;
swan - unexpected money;
nightingale - good news;
snake - evil from a loved one;
lizard - unexpected anxieties;
ants - a great concern of small people;
worm - beware of the youngest son and friend;
church - piety;
mosque - high ideals;
house - good household;
hut - poverty;
deer - mind, success;
elephant - power and strength;
camel - perseverance, usefulness;
cow - great joy;
sun - durability and naivety;
horse - fidelity in love;
donkey - stubbornness in any work;
cat - ingratitude and malice;
dog - obedience and fidelity;
mouse - dirt and cover;
garden - a good meeting;
boat - crawling for good purposes;
sail - windy understanding;
zeppelin - wave and free love;
bubble - achieving a certain goal;
car - walk;
bicycle - a difficult journey;
tram - patient life;
butterfly - a love letter;
flies - a great fortune;
mosquitoes - lottery money;
May beetle - love adventure;
grasshopper - walk;
forgetfulness - annoyances;
violet - rich marriage;
tulip - recent marriage;
rose - be careful not to prick yourself;
chrysanthemum - marriage;
cloves - honeymoon;
peony - marriage is in front of your house;
chamomile - a disease in the family;
snowdrop - with the first love you will be happiest;
black spot - anger, grief;
white spot - joy, happiness;
cross - marriage of love;
grapes - your husband will get drunk;
walnuts - you will earn your living.