Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope 2024. Yearly Horoscope 2024 for Sagittarius. Everything about Love, Health, Family and Career

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, the main themes in your life for 2024 will be related to your marriage partner, the money you own or are responsible for.
In this year, for some of you, important commitments will cause  you to take care or action related to inherited properties, affairs, and others will devote themselves entirely to their spiritual development and to a different, healthy lifestyle.
Your more active social life may surprise you, but this will be a year in which you expand your contacts not only with people who live close to you, but also those who are far away, even in another country.
This more active social life may have to do with expanding your interests, family or business affairs, etc.
Young women who are not bound by a marriage union will form a relationship with a man who will have a greater age difference in years. It will probably all start as a friendship, exchange of letters or messages, before developing into a more serious attraction.
This year, greater concerns will arise around property that you are taking care of, whether it is a house, car, farmland or other type of holding.
These worries or difficulties, where they arise, will also affect your health, sometimes due to the inability to deal with the particular problem or situation yourself.
Your relations with relatives outside your family will not be so easy or pleasant. They may make unexpected claims to something that was once yours. A dispute and even a lawsuit may arise when dividing some property or family money. You probably had difficult relations with these people until now, but in 2024 they will escalate very unpleasantly and unpredictably.
2024 heralds the return of a person from your past: directly or indirectly, through news or through specific actions, meetings, etc.
Whether you will be happy about this is hard to say, but it will definitely be unexpected for you, since you thought this person would forever remain in your past.
The year 2024 brings parting with already grown children who will start their independent lives. There will hardly be any concern around them. There may be concerns about children or grandchildren mainly aged 16 - 20 years who will be prone to risky actions, extreme sports, high speeds or drug use.
The year 2024 will be favorable for those women who will seek their happiness in a future motherhood, traveling with such purpose to another city, state or country.
This year, avoid resolving issues through litigation. If, despite your best efforts, you are involved in one, then prepare for a serious battle.
A love relationship that went through various turbulent situations in 2023 will now have an even more dramatic development and even a separation because one of the partners will not be able or will not want to accept that the other partner has stopped loving, that he wants a final separation.. You have to be very careful in such relationships, especially if you have an aggressive personality.
Professionally, success will be achieved by all representatives of this zodiac sign who have the will to work and fight for the realization of set goals. Fate will generously support them in a variety of ways.
Some of you may decide to start a new job or business together with a person with whom you have a close relationship.
In general, 2024 will support plans related to education and career, but this only applies to those of you who possess ambition, will and desire for hard work.
You will also face some kind of trials in your own family. It is possible to cool your relations with some members of your family due to the emergence of a dispute or some serious contradictions.
The year heralds a larger gathering on an important occasion which you will not be able to attend due to some good reason or driven by some feelings and emotions of your own.
It is possible that you yourself will organize some gathering and be disappointed by the absence of some people whom you considered close friends or relatives.
Financially, greater diligence will be required in managing personal or family resources. You will have income options not only from salary or pension but also from some other source, but again this will be tied to some contract, written agreement, etc.
In general, in financial terms, the year will give you various favorable opportunities, but in no case should you overdo it with spending money or with any speculative, risky actions.
2024 brings opportunities to travel abroad, to expand your contacts with people who live far away.
Women over the age of 35 who will go abroad for family reasons or for the purpose of marriage will be in a very favorable position.
The year 2024 will be favorable for reuniting family or relatives after years of working abroad.
Conflicts in your own home during the year will in most cases be related to the greater emotionality or sensitivity of someone in your family. The tendency to be easily offended, the occurrence of stupid misunderstandings can sometimes be the cause of great emotional storms in your home.
Similar situations can arise with your neighbors if you live in a shared building with other people.
Difficulties will also arise for those of you who will engage in construction or major renovation of an apartment or house that you own this year.
It is good to know that even in moments of bad mood, depression, a light will always shine from somewhere through a smile, a kind word, an unexpected meeting or a phone call.
Fate will be very kind to you this year, and be grateful for everything you receive, possess, or are given from the heart by those around you.
The sun always rises after the storm....
What can 2024 surprise you with?
The answer to this question has to do with young men, with their love lives, with your current relationship or with the one that 2024 will bring you. What exactly? Be patient and give this year a chance to surprise you!