Dreambook letter T

T-SHIRT - A T-shirt indicates that you have a somewhat difficult choice to make that you are already most likely aware of. It means a hard choice in the same way a T-Junction does (see T-Junction) and the fact that you wear a t-shirt means you are carrying the decision around rather than making the choice.
TABLE - A kitchen table, wooden table or table for eating at is about your digestive system. A dining room table indicates the same thing but can also indicate social interaction. A coffee table can be about your lungs because of the pun on cough.
Tables can also be about something you are accountable for or are being asked to take on board. For example, to dream of magazines on a table, asks you to develop your counseling ability Р counseling is whatХs on the table for you. A table in the bedroom is about your menstrual cycle. The pun being in the Latin name for table Р mensa.
TAKING KISS - A sincere friend. 
TAP - A tap usually represents the kidneys. This is particularly the case when there are two taps to indicate the left and right kidneys.
To dream of a tap can also be a pun asking you to tap into some creative resource you possess. For example, a silver tap asks you to tap into your innate intuition / psychic ability. TAXI - A taxi indicates you have a counseling ability that works well on a one on one basis. It means this because taxis take you from where you are to where you need to be on a one on one basis. This dream can also mean that you could use counseling in your life now.
TAXI DRIVER - Whether in a car or not, a taxi driver indicates you have a counseling ability that works well one on one. Taxi drivers take you from where you are to where you need to be on a one to one basis.
TEA CHEST - A tea chest, like any large cavity in a dream symbolizes your lungs as they are the spatial cavity within your body. This is especially true if the chest is described as at chest level.
TEACHER - To dream of a teacher means you are a leader / spiritual teacher. Spirituality is expression of the soul so you will teach others to express what is in their core, either by example or through instruction. If the teacher in the dream is working with groups, it means you are to use your gift with groups. A spiritual teacher empowers others to deal with their problems.
TEAPOT - Teapots symbolize your heart due to the custom of drinking tea with visitors and sharing news since you last saw them. They also tend to have a half heart shaped handle. Anything to do with sharing implies your heart.
TEETH - Teeth in dreams indicate your reproductive system or parenting. Animals carry their young around with their teeth. To lose their teeth would mean they cannot raise their young. We often forget that we too are animals in the animal kingdom. 
Teeth can also indicate that you need to be more assertive or less assertive. If a dentist is repairing your teeth, it means that you need to be more assertive and stand up for yourself. To dream of an animal with a lot of teeth, such as a crocodile, means the same thing. This type of dream can be triggered through being in a situation where you feel you cannot stand up for yourself or have lost your grip. For example, a relationship with an over powering partner or a work situation where you feel you would get fired if you speak up. The dream is healing with the intention of giving you renewed vigor to get a grip on the situation. If a dentist is filing down your teeth it means you need to be less aggressive or assertive when it comes to the subject matter of the dream. Take a step back and stop sinking your teeth in. Loosing teeth indicates losing the ability to have or raise children, because of a physical condition or through the onset of menopause.
Dreams of loosing teeth can also be triggered due to a number of non physical conditions such as; 1) If your child is leaving home to go to college or to live on their own and you are concerned for their ability to cope. 2) If you are losing a grip on a situation or life in general. This can be to do with your children but does not have to be. For example, this dream can be triggered if your child is on drugs or hanging out with the wrong crowd, and all your attempts at helping them to get their life back on track have failed. 3) If you feel completely helpless in a situation and you canХt do anything to get out of it. 4) Separation or divorce is causing you to lose access, even partially, to your children.
TEARS, CRYING - Happiness, good fortune. 
THORNS - Difficulties ahead. 
TRAIN - A journey in life with someone else in control of the itinerary. 
TO DRINK WATER - Uphill struggle in profession. 
TORNADO - Sitting on one: Trying to remove memory or stress from embarrassing situation. 
TOILET - Overcoming you: Your emotions about to become out of control regarding circumstances in life. Dodging it: You are maintain emotional control while facing your stressful situation. 
TIDAL WAVE - Can`t hear the voice: You are out of touch with the subject. You can`t speak: You may have nothing to say or lack the skill to say something. The notion of a telepathic message or spiritual communication.