00 - 01
Those born at this time are very ambitious and 'break through with their elbows' at the top of their career. They are super-gifted.

01 - 02
People born at this hour are very keen on their work. They aspire to power, authority and high social standing.

02 - 03
Those who have emerged in this hour are particularly energetic and active. However, their energy "burns" very quickly.

03 - 04
These are incredibly sensitive people, gentle as mimosa. However, they can handle their money.

04 - 05
They have an enviable purpose, combined in most cases with a strong will. These are future leaders.

05 - 06
Hardworking, exemplary workers with a high sense of duty and responsibility. Their small flaw is at times they become irritatingly pedantic.

06 - 07
A strong sense of beauty. Excellent counselors when you need to taste good??. Their only little mistake: they want everyone to love them.

07 - 08
They can cause the inconvenience of others because they sometimes talk without thinking.

08 - 09
Those born at this hour are prone to extremism. Or, in other words, there is a deep desire to overcome borders.

09 - 10
If you are born at this time, you have great organizational abilities. This is your chance, do not miss it.

10 - 11
Those who were incarnated at this hour carry a liberal spirit within themselves. It is combined in most cases with an interest in the occult and the mystical.

These are people with creative talents. Their whole being strives for creative expression.

Important for these people and their confidence is that they have stable ground under their feet. The sense of insecurity is overcome with hard and systematic work.

13 - 14
These people have strongly developed intuitions and understanding of others. They are convinced of the power of positive thinking.

14 - 15
These are extremely picky and expressive personalities. Many of them choose the actor's profession.

15 - 16
If you were born at this hour, you feel best when you can express your feelings. Your promotion?? and sensitivity make you a desirable interlocutor.

16 - 17
These individuals are successful business people with a strong sense of money. One tip: look for partners to develop your business.

17 - 18
If you made your first sound at this time, you will be a born speaker. Yet restrain your inclination to speak everywhere.

People born at this time of the day like to work in a team. They feel in the best shape when they can co-operate with others.

Strongly expressed "I". These are strong personalities. In most cases, they will be prosperous.

Those individuals born in this hour have a great enthusiasm for the inexplicable. They emit an inner anxiety, which sometimes disturbs others.

These are untouchables people. They must allow others to discover them, to be more open.

Although it is the time for sleep, for those born at this hour they are already waking. Moreover, they are extremely intelligent.

Midnight is the time of spirits and ghosts. If you were born in this hour, you are enthralled by occultism. You have incredible intuition and insights.