Horoscope of the Virgo Child

Virgos are the neatest and most organized children. The Virgo child is always clean, although he likes to dig in the ground, he does everything carefully. Little Virgo will most likely really enjoy gardening with her mom or grandma. In general, anything you can create with your own hands is interesting for children born under this sign. Crafts, painting, modeling, etc. - in such creativity, a Virgo child will most likely be able to express himself with pleasure. Literally from the first days of life, a Virgo baby is every mother's dream. If he is dry, warm and not hungry, hardly anything else can make him cranky. But little Virgos are sensitive to the regime, it is important to strictly follow it, especially when it comes to water procedures. Children of this sign love to swim, for them bathing is a real ritual. Therefore, you should bathe every night and at the same time. Little Virgos are generally attracted to water precisely as a means of purification. They quickly and happily learn to wash their hands, wash their face, brush their teeth, etc. The Virgo child is an excellent helper in the house. He likes to put everything in its place, to restore cleanliness and order. Scattered belongings and toys are definitely not for him. At school, children of this sign, as a rule, study quite mediocre, do not shine, but never get bad grades. Virgos, even at an early age, are very practical, they will never do more than is required of them, but it is also disadvantageous for them to spoil relations with teachers and parents. Virgo children are very sensitive to criticism; it can negatively affect their self-esteem for life. Therefore, parents should be very tactful in their negative statements. A real manifestation of love and respect for the child are situations when he is allowed to help others, has the right to participate in adult activities and shares responsibility with him. It is very important for a Virgo child to organize all the conditions for healthy eating and proper rest, then he will rarely get sick and will develop harmoniously.