Horoscope of the Gemini Child

Little Geminis are the most inquisitive children. That is why it is very important that parents from early childhood create all the conditions to stimulate the development of the intelligence of the representatives of this sign. The Gemini child wants to know absolutely everything. It is he who will become the record holder for numerous: “Why?” and will force parents to constantly rack their brains on how to answer the most unexpected questions. Children of this sign like to disassemble and assemble various construction sets or any other devices, solve puzzles and read books. It doesn't matter to them what they read, they crave all kinds of knowledge. Gemini children master the computer and the Internet very early, even if no one teaches them this. They also love loud music, it stimulates them to work. So parents don't have to worry when their child is doing their homework to the fullest with their favorite songs, the music doesn't interfere with their concentration at all. Another strong feature of Gemini, besides curiosity, is sociability. That is why, in order to feel happy, the baby Gemini needs constant communication with relatives, and in a more mature age - with his friends. But at the same time, Gemini will never feel lonely, much less upset about it; he can make up imaginary friends. The two biggest problems of little Gemini are restlessness and inattention. Therefore, despite their curiosity and lively mind, they often do poorly in school, simply because they quickly get bored with the school routine and monotony. And a bored Gemini can turn into a real hooligan, prone to destructive behavior. The fact is that this sign is very quickly interested in something new, but also quickly loses interest in it. To avoid such problems, you must constantly feed his interest with something new in routine matters.