Mysteries. Interpretation of dreams with the letter I

ILLNESS - Being unable to perform the action desired. An excuse to not do something. May be a sign of a real illness and should be investigated. 
INJURY - You are injured: You may have been offended or emotionally hurt. You inflict injury: Signal that you are doing same to another person.
INTRUDER - Someone or something has interfered with your peace of mind by forcing a situation upon you. 
INVISIBLE PERSON - Person: Can be presence of one`s Higher Self lending strength and comfort. Power: Something in your life that you haven`t been able to rationalize. 
ISLAND - Seeking a refuge away from life situation. Feeling displaced and isolated from everything. 
ISLAND - Islands symbolize your heart, circulatory system and emotions. In dreams it means that you are an island Р you keep yourself isolated from others when it comes to sharing your feelings.
IN A UNIVERSITY - Gain of prominent position. 
INTERCOURSE - Gain and betterment. 
INTERCOURSE - Intercourse in a dream is asking you to get intimately in touch with your male side if you are having sex with a man or your female side if with a woman. We all have male and female aspects to ourselves which have their own unique traits. For example, compassion, listening, leadership, counseling, psychic abilities and your philosophy of life work through your female side. Confidence, belief in yourself, feeling worthy of the space you occupy, career and spiritual healing work through your male side. The dream may be triggered due to an imbalance which is affecting your ability to develop or move forward in an aspect of your life related to a particular energy. The dream tries to heal this by representing your male or female side as something desirable.
The dream wants both male and female sides of you to share closeness in an uninhibited way. This sharing restores balance so you can draw on the strength inherent in the aspect of your nature you are repressing. Many people are shocked to find themselves having sex in a dream with a person of the same gender. This still has the same meaning. A woman having sex with another woman is still a healing device intending to put her in close contact with her heart / feelings.
Dreams can also include members of your family in sexual roles with you. Here the intent is to use an existing loving relationship as a pull to seduce you into becoming intimately in touch with your male / female aspects. Where you are able to be honest to yourself in private but put on 'an air' or repress your feelings in public you can dream about having sex in public. Again the purpose of the dream is the same but here it is also asking you to not be afraid of being honest in front of others.
Another reason for dreaming about having intercourse is to heal the dreamer of the fact that they are currently not having sex with their partner. In this case the dream attempts to heal stress or whatever impact abstinence is having on the relationship.
INDIA - India indicates karma as karma is often referred to as an Indian disease. Anyone who has ever been there will testify to the general attitude of the affluent towards those with nothing. Beggars are stepped over on the street with a general view that they must not be helped as it would interfere with their karma. This meaning does not hold if you are from India.
INDIGO - Indigo is the color associated with your third eye and to dream of it means you are psychic / intuitive.
INSECT - Insects or bugs represent things that are bugging you in reality.
INSPECTOR - An inspector symbolizes you are good at uncovering the underlying cause of problems, for example, through regression.
INSTRUCTOR - To dream of an instructor means you are a leader / spiritual teacher. Spirituality is expression of the soul so you teach others to express what is in their core, either by example or through instruction. If the instructor in the dream is working with groups, it means you are to use your gift with groups.
INTERNET - The internet is a communications medium that mostly works through Ethernet connections. As such it indicates you are a medium Р you can communicate with spirits through the ether.
IRELAND - Ireland, due to the conflict in Northern Ireland, represents conflict with the potential for peace. This meaning does not hold if you are from Ireland.
ISLE - Names that include the word Isle, for example, the Isle of Man, indicate that you are a channel. You can communicate with spirits.
ITALY - Italy, due to the passion of its citizens symbolizes your heart and circulatory system. This meaning does not hold if you are from Italy.