Mysteries. Interpretation of dreams with the letter K

KIDNAPPED - Forced to be involved in things not of one`s choosing that are forced upon the person by outside circumstances. 
KILL&MURDER - You kill: You are fighting back against your fear or desire to eliminate something from your life. You are killed: You are removed from your emotions and feelings caused by the situation you are in. 
KISSING - Someone you like and want: wish fulfillment. A faceless person: your basic desire being met. Someone you know casually and not romantically: recognition of harmonious vibrations. A celebrity: trying to boost your self worth. Adulterous passionate overtones: If you already have a mate, it may be time to spice up the romance. If you don`t, its wish fulfillment. 
KNOCK - Loud knock on a door: You are becoming aware of spiritual truths and are reaching a new level of understanding. You are aware of certain spiritual powers that you have.
KETTLE - Kettles symbolize your heart, circulatory system and emotions due to the fact that they are used when sharing tea and coffee with visitors. Jug kettles are a particularly strong symbol because of their heart shape. Anything to do with sharing implies your heart.
KEY - Keys symbolize solutions to a problem and knowledge.
KITCHEN - A kitchen symbolizes your digestive system as it is a place where we prepare and eat food. It is probably the most common symbol used in dreams to indicate the digestive system. Many appliances and items in the kitchen indicate various parts of the digestive system. The state of the kitchen shows the state of your digestive system. If the room is moldy, it indicates that mould is growing inside your colon. If plaster or wall paper is falling off the walls, it indicates that the lining of your intestines is damaged.
A kitchen table is also about your digestive system.
Kitchen walls indicate the walls of your intestines. If the paper or plaster is falling off the walls it indicates the lining of your intestines is damaged.
Since most days start in your kitchen it can also symbolize facing the day or your outlook on the day.
KNIFE - A knife in dreams symbolizes anger. An angry person is said to be cutting.
KING - Respect, promotion, gain.