Indian Cards. Indian Oracle

Usually Indian cards give a prediction for about one - two months. But you can ask yourself a question related to a certain period of time: a week, six months, a year. The interpretation of this solitaire is a little different from the others - here you can clearly and consistently see the development of the problem from the current moment to the end point. Each row of Indian Solitaire consists of 5 cards and represents a certain time interval. Because there are 5 rows in Indian Solitaire and if you want to make a viewing for 5 months, then the first row will describe the events of the first month, the second row of the second month, and so on. In a simple futures order, when no time is specified, each line will show events lasting approximately 10 days. In a 5-day order, each row will describe the events of one day.

Indian Reading Cards
In fact, it will be better to use the Indian maps without paying attention to the time intervals - to consider all the maps as one common answer. Just ask a question and see the matches.
Sample questions for this divination. What will happen to me this week? How will my relationship with anyone go this month? Are my plans for .... coming true? Will I be changing jobs soon?
In the Indian oracle, the so-called "torn (broken) card" has meaning. These are two halves of one symbol separated by another card. Be sure to pay attention to them. This way you will be shown events that will not happen or where serious problems will occur.
Not all cards are interpreted when they are broken cards. There are only 9 that are also looked at with this meaning: camel, two hearts, eagle, queen of hearts, crown, parachute, road, wedding ring, key. You will find their meaning in the book.
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