Mysteries. Interpretation of dreams with the letter A

Abandon. To dream that you are abandoned, denotes that you will have difficulty in framing your plans for future success.To abandon others, you will see unhappy conditions piled thick around you,leaving little hope of surmounting them.If it is your house that you abandon, you will soon come to griefin experimenting with fortune.If you abandon your sweetheart, you will fail to recover lost valuables,and friends will turn aside from your favors.If you abandon a mistress, you will unexpectedly come into a goodly inheritance.If it is religion you abandon, you will come to grief by your attacks on prominent people.To abandon children, denotes that you will lose your fortuneby lack of calmness and judgment.To abandon your business, indicates distressing circumstances in which therewill be quarrels and suspicion. (This dream may have a literal fulfilmentif it is impressed on your waking mind, whether you abandon a person,or that person abandons you, or, as indicated, it denotes other worries.)To see yourself or friend abandon a ship, suggests your possibleentanglement in some business failure, but if you escape to shoreyour interests will remain secure.
Abbey. To see an abbey in ruins, foretells that your hopes and schemes will fall into ignoble incompletion.To dream that a priest bars your entrance into an abbey,denotes that you will be saved from a ruinous state by enemiesmistaking your embarrassment for progress.For a young woman to get into an abbey, foretells her violent illness.If she converses with a priest in an abbey, she will incur the censure of true friends for indiscretion.
Abbess. For a young woman to dream that she sees an abbess, denotes that she will be compelled to perform distasteful tasks, and will submit to authority only after unsuccessful rebellion.To dream of an abbess smiling and benignant, denotes you will be surrounded by true friends and pleasing prospects.

Abbot. To dream that you are an abbot, warns you that treacherous plotsare being laid for your downfall.If you see this pious man in devotional exercises, it forewarns you of smooth flattery and deceit pulling you a willing victiminto the meshes of artful bewilderment.For a young woman to talk with an abbot, portends that she will yield to insinuating flatteries, and in yielding she will besmirch her reputation.If she marries one, she will uphold her name and honor despite poverty and temptation.[3] See similar words in connection with churches, priests, etc. 
Abdomen. To see your abdomen in a dream, foretells that you will have great expectations, but you must curb hard headedness and redouble your energies on your labor, as pleasure is approaching to your hurt.To see your abdomen shriveled, foretells that you will be persecuted and defied by false friends.To see it swollen, you will have tribulations, but you will overcome them and enjoy the fruits of your labor.To see blood oozing from the abdomen, foretells an accident or tragedy in your family.The abdomen of children in an unhealthy state, portends that contagion will pursue you.[4] See Belly.
Abhor. To dream that you abhor a person, denotes that you will entertain strange dislike for some person, and your suspicion of his honesty will prove correct.To think yourself held in abhorrence by others, predicts that your good intentions to others will subside into selfishness.For a young woman to dream that her lover abhors her, foretells that she will love a man who is in no sense congenial.
Abject. To dream that you are abject, denotes that you will be the recipient of gloomy tidings, which will cause a relaxation in your strenuous efforts to climb the heights of prosperity.To see others abject, is a sign of bickerings and false dealings among your friends.
Abode. To dream that you can't find your abode, you will completely losefaith in the integrity of others.If you have no abode in your dreams, you will be unfortunate in your affairs,and lose by speculation.To change your abode, signifies hurried tidings and that hasty journeyswill be made by you.For a young woman to dream that she has left her abode, is significant of slander and false hoods being perpetrated against her.[5] See Home.
Abortion For a woman to dream that she assents to abortion being committed on her,is a warning that she is contemplating some enterprise which if carriedout will steep her in disgrace and unhappiness.For a doctor to dream that he is a party to an abortion,foretells that his practice will suffer from his inattentionto duty, which will cause much trouble.
Above. To see anything hanging above you, and about to fall, implies danger;if it falls upon you it may be ruin or sudden disappointment.If it falls near, but misses you, it is a sign that you will havea narrow escape from loss of money, or other misfortunes may follow.Should it be securely fixed above you, so as not to imply danger,your condition will improve after threatened loss.
Abroad. To dream that you are abroad, or going abroad, foretells that youwill soon, in company with a party, make a pleasant trip, and youwill find it necessary to absent yourself from your native country for a sojourn in a different climate.
Absalom. To dream of Absalom, is significant of distressing incidents.You may unconsciously fall a victim to error, and penetratesome well beloved heart with keen anguish and pain over thecommittal of immoral actions and the outraging of innocence.No flower of purity will ever be too sacred for you to breathe a passionate breath upon. To dream of this, or any other disobedient character, is a warning against immoral tendencies.A father is warned by this dream to be careful of his children.
Absence. To grieve over the absence of any one in your dreams, denotes that repentance for some hasty action will be the means of securing you life-long friendships.If you rejoice over the absence of friends, it denotes that you will soon be well rid of an enemy.
Abscess. To dream that you have an abscess which seems to have reached a chronic stage,you will be overwhelmed with misfortune of your own; at the same time your deepest sympathies will be enlisted for the sorrows of others.
Absinthe. To come under the influence of absinthe in dreams, denotes that youwill lead a merry and foolish pace with innocent companions, and waste your inheritance in prodigal lavishness on the siren, selfish fancy.For a young woman to dream that she drinks absinthe with her lover warns her to resist his persuasions to illicit consummation of their love. If she dreams she is drunk, she will yield up her favors without strong persuasion.(This dream typifies that you are likely to waste your energies in pleasure.)
Abundance. To dream that you are possessed with an abundance;foretells that you will have no occasion to reproach Fortune,and that you will be independent of her future favors;but your domestic happiness may suffer a collapse under the strain you are likely to put upon it by your infidelity.
Abuse. To dream of abusing a person, means that you will be unfortunatein your affairs, losing good money through over-bearing persistencyin business relations with others.To feel yourself abused, you will be molested in your daily pursuitsby the enmity of others.For a young woman to dream that she hears abusive language, foretells thatshe will fall under the ban of some person's jealousy and envy.If she uses the language herself, she will meet with unexpected rebuffs,that may fill her with mortification and remorse for her past unworthyconduct toward friends.
Abyss. To dream of looking into an abyss, means that you will be confrontedby threats of seizure of property, and that there will be quarrelsand reproaches of a personal nature which will unfit you to meetthe problems of life.For a woman to be looking into an abyss, foretells that she willburden herself with unwelcome cares. If she falls into the abyssher disappointment will be complete; but if she succeeds in crossing,or avoiding it, she will reinstate herself.
Academy. To visit an academy in your dreams, denotes that you will regret opportunities that you have let pass through sheer idleness and indifference. To think you own, or are an inmate of one, you will find that you are to meet easy defeat of aspirations. You will take on knowledge,but be unable to rightly assimilate and apply it. For a young woman or any person to return to an academy after having finished there, signifies that demands will be made which the dreamer may find himself or her self unable to meet.
Accepted. For a business man to dream that his proposition has been accepted,foretells that he will succeed in making a trade, which here to fore looked as if it would prove a failure. For a lover to dream that he has been accepted by his sweetheart,denotes that he will happily wed the object of his own and others' admiration.[6] If this dream has been occasioned by over anxiety and weakness,the contrary may be expected. The elementary influences often play pranks upon weak and credulous minds by lying, and deceptive utterances. Therefore the dreamer should live a pure life, fortified by a strong will,thus controlling his destiny by expelling from it involuntary intrusions.
Accident. To dream of an accident is a warning to avoid any mode of travel for a short period, as you are threatened with loss of life. For an accident to befall stock, denotes that you will struggle with all your might to gain some object and then see some friend lose property of the same value in aiding your cause.
Accordion To dream of hearing the music of an accordion, denotes that you will engage in amusement which will win you from sadness and retrospection. You will by this means be enabled to take up your burden more cheerfully. For a young woman to dream that she is playing an accordion,portends that she will win her lover by some sad occurrence;but, notwithstanding which, the same will confer lasting happiness upon her union. If the accordion gets out of tune,she will be saddened by the illness or trouble of her lover.
Accounts. To dream of having accounts presented to you for payment,you will be in a dangerous position. You may have recourse to law to disentangle yourself. If you pay the accounts,you will soon effect a compromise in some serious dispute. To hold accounts against others, foretells that disagreeable contingencies will arise in your business, marring the smoothness of its management. For a young woman book-keeper to dream of footing up accounts,denotes that she will have trouble in business, and in her love affairs;but some worthy person will persuade her to account for his happiness. She will be much respected by her present employers.
Accuse. To dream that you accuse any one of a mean action, denotes that you will have quarrels with those under you, and your dignity will be thrown from a high pedestal. If you are accused, you are in danger of being guilty of distributing scandal in a sly and malicious way.
Aches. To dream that you have aches, denotes that you are halting too much in your business, and that some other person is profiting by your ideas. For a young woman to dream that she has the heartache, foretells that she will be in sore distress over the laggardly way her lover prosecutes his suit. If it is the backache, she will encounter illness through careless exposure. If she has the headache, there will be much disquietude of mind for the risk she has taken to rid herself of rivalry.
Acid. To drink any acid is an adverse dream, bringing you much anxiety. For a woman to drink acidous liquors, denotes that she may ensnare herself with compromising situations; even health may be involved. To see poisonous acids, some treachery against you may be discovered.
Acorn Seeing acorns in dreams, is portent of pleasant things ahead,and much gain is to be expected. To pick them from the ground, foretells success after weary labors. For a woman to eat them, denotes that she will rise from a station of labor to a position of ease and pleasure. To shake them from the trees, denotes that you will rapidly attain your wishes in business or love. To see green-growing acorns, or to see them scattered over the ground,affairs will change for the better. Decayed or blasted acorns have import of disappointments and reverses. To pull them green from the trees, you will injure your interests by haste and indiscretion.
Acquaintance. To meet an acquaintance, and converse pleasantly with him,foretells that your business will run smoothly, and there will be but little discord in your domestic affairs. If you feel ashamed of meeting an acquaintance, or meet him at an inopportune time, it denotes that you will be guilty of illicitly conducting yourself, and other parties will let the secret out. For a young woman to think that she has an extensive acquaintance,signifies that she will be the possessor of vast interests, and her love will be worthy the winning. If her circle of acquaintances is small,she will be unlucky in gaining social favors.
Acquit. To dream that you are acquitted of a crime, denotes that you are about to come into possession of valuable property,but there is danger of a law suit before obtaining possession. To see others acquitted, foretells that your friends will add pleasure to your labors.
Acrobat. To dream of seeing acrobats, denotes that you will be prevented from carrying out hazardous schemes by the foolish fears of others. To see yourself acrobating, you will have a sensation to answer for,and your existence will be made almost unendurable by the guying of your enemies. To see women acrobating, denotes that your name will be maliciously and slanderously handled. Also your business interests will be hindered. For a young woman to dream that she sees acrobats in tights,signifies that she will court favor of men.
Actor and Actress. To see in your dreams an actress, denotes that your present state will be one of unbroken pleasure and favor. To see one in distress, you will gladly contribute your means and influence to raise a friend from misfortune and indebtedness. If you think yourself one, you will have to work for subsistence,but your labors will be pleasantly attended. If you dream of being in love with one, your inclination and talent will be allied with pleasure and opposed to downright toil. To see a dead actor, or actress, your good luck will be overwhelmed in violent and insubordinate misery. To see them wandering and penniless, foretells that your affairs will undergo a change from promise to threatenings of failure. To those enjoying domestic comforts, it is a warning of revolution and faithless vows. For a young woman to dream that she is engaged to an actor,or about to marry one, foretells that her fancy will bring remorse after the glamour of pleasure has vanished. If a man dreams that he is sporting with an actress,it foretells that private broils with his wife, or sweetheart,will make him more misery than enjoyment.
Afraid. To feel that you are afraid to proceed with some affair, or continue a journey, denotes that you will find trouble in your household,and enterprises will be unsuccessful. To see others afraid, denotes that some friend will be deterred from performing some favor for you because of his own difficulties. For a young woman to dream that she is afraid of a dog,there will be a possibility of her doubting a true friend.
Africa. To dream that you are in Africa surrounded by Cannibals, foretells that you will be oppressed by enemies and quarrelsome persons. For a woman to dream of African scenes, denotes she will make journeys which will prove lonesome and devoid of pleasure or profit.
Afternoon. For a woman to dream of an afternoon, denotes she will form friendships which will be lasting and entertaining. A cloudy,rainy afternoon, implies disappointment and displeasure.
Affliction. To dream that affliction lays a heavy hand upon you and calls your energy to a halt, foretells that some disaster is surely approaching you. To see others afflicted, foretells that you will be surrounded by many ills and misfortunes.
Affrighted. To dream that you are affrighted, foretells that you will sustain an injury through an accident. To see others affrighted, brings you close to misery and distressing scenes. Dreams of this nature are frequently caused by nervous and feverish conditions, either from malaria or excitement. When such is the case,the dreamer is warned to take immediate steps to remove the cause. Such dreams or reveries only occur when sleep is disturbed.
Affront. This is a bad dream. The dreamer is sure to shed tears and weep. For a young woman to dream that she is affronted, denotes that some unfriendly person will take advantage of her ignorance to place her in a compromising situation with a stranger, or to jeopardize her interests with a friend.
Affluence. To dream that you are in affluence, foretells that you will make fortunate ventures, and will be pleasantly associated with people of wealth. To young women, a vision of weird and fairy affluence is ominous of illusive and evanescent pleasure. They should study more closely their duty to friends and parents. After dreams of this nature they are warned to cultivate a love for home life.
Agate. To see agate in a dream, signifies a slight advancement in business affairs.
Abortion For a woman to dream that she assents to abortion being committed on her,is a warning that she is contemplating some enterprise which if carried out will steep her in disgrace and unhappiness. For a doctor to dream that he is a party to an abortion,foretells that his practice will suffer from his inattention to duty, which will cause much trouble.
Age. To dream of age, portends failures in any kind of undertaking. To dream of your own age, indicates that perversity of opinion will bring down upon you the indignation of relatives. For a young woman to dream of being accused of being older than she is, denotes that she will fall into bad companionship,and her denial of stated things will be brought to scorn. To see herself looking aged, intimates possible sickness,or unsatisfactory ventures. If it is her lover she sees aged,she will be in danger of losing him.
Agony. This is not as good a dream, as some would wish you to believe. It portends worry and pleasure intermingled, more of the former than of the latter. To be in agony over the loss of money, or property, denotes that disturbing and imaginary fears will rack you over the critical condition of affairs,or the illness of some dear relative.
Ague. A sickly condition of the dreamer is sometimes implied by this dream. To dream that you are shaking with an ague, signifies that you will suffer from some physical disorder, and that fluctuating opinions of your own affairs may bring you to the borders of prostration. To see others thus affected, denotes that you will offend people by your supreme indifference to the influences of others.
Air. This dream denotes a withering state of things, and bodes no good to the dreamer. To dream of breathing hot air suggests that you will be influenced to evil by oppression. To feel cold air, denotes discrepancies in your business,and incompatibility in domestic relations. To feel oppressed with humidity, some curse will fall on you that will prostrate and close down on your optimistical views of the future.
Alabaster. To dream of alabaster, foretells success in marriage and all legitimate affairs. To break an alabaster figure or vessel,denotes sorrow and repentance. For a young woman to lose an alabaster box containing incense, signifies that she will lose her lover or property through carelessness of her reputation.
Alarm bell. To hear a bell in your sleep, denotes that you will have cause for anxiety.
Album. To dream of an album, denotes you will have success and true friends. For a young woman to dream of looking at photographs in an album,foretells that she will soon have a new lover who will be very agreeable to her.
Ale-house. The dreamer of an ale-house should be very cautious of his affairs. Enemies are watching him.
Alien. To dream of a stranger pleasing you, denotes good health and pleasant surroundings; if he displeases you, look for disappointments. To dream you are an alien, denotes abiding friendships.
Alley. To dream of an alley, denotes your fortune will not be so pleasing or promising as formerly. Many vexing cares will present themselves to you. For a young woman to wander through an alley after dark, warns her of disreputable friendships and a stigma on her character.
Alloy. To dream of alloy, denotes your business will vex you in its complications. For a woman to dream of alloy, is significant of sorrow and trouble completely hiding pleasure
Almanac. To dream of an almanac, means variable fortunes and illusive pleasures. To be studying the signs, foretells that you will be harassed by small matters taking up your time.
Almonds. This is a good omen. It has wealth in store. However, sorrow will go with it for a short while. If the almonds are defective,your disappointment in obtaining a certain wish will be complete until new conditions are brought about
Alms. Alms will bring evil if given or taken unwillingly. Otherwise, a good dream.
Alms-house. For a young woman to dream of an alms-house, denotes she will meet failure in her efforts to contract a worldly marriage.
Altar. To dream of seing a priest at the altar, denotes quarrels and unsatisfactory states in your business and home. To see a marriage, sorrow to friends, and death to old age. An altar would hardly be shown you in a dream, accept to warn you against the commission of error. Repentance is also implied.
Alum. Alum seen in a dream, portends frustration of well laid plans. To taste alum, denotes secret remorse over some evil work by you upon some innocent person. For a woman to dream of quantities of alum, foretells disappointment in her marriage and loss of affection.
Aluminum. To dream of aluminum, denotes contentment with any fortune, however small. For a woman to see her aluminum ornaments or vessels tarnished,foretells strange and unexpected sorrow, and loss will befall her.
Amateur. To dream of seeing an amateur actor on the stage, denotes that you will see your hopes pleasantly and satisfactorily fulfilled. If they play a tragedy, evil will be disseminated through your happiness. If there is an indistinctness or distorted images in the dream,you are likely to meet with quick and decided defeat in some enterprise apart from your regular business.
Ambush. To dream that your are attacked{sic} from ambush, denotes that you have lurking secretly near you a danger, which will soon set upon and overthrow you if you are heedless of warnings. If you lie in ambush to revenge yourself on others, you will unhesitatingly stoop to debasing actions to defraud your friends.
America. High officials should be careful of State affairs, others will do well to look after their own person, for some trouble is at hand after this dream.
Amethyst. Amethyst seen in a dream, represents contentment with fair business. For a young woman to lose an amethyst, foretells broken engagements and slights in love.
Ammonia. Ammonia seen in a dream, means displeasure will be felt by the dreamer at the conduct of a friend. Quarrels and disruptions of friendships will follow this dream. For a young woman to see clear bottles of ammonia, foretells she will be deceived in the character and intentions of some person whom she considers friendly.
Ammunition. To dream of ammunition, foretells the undertaking of some work,which promises fruitful completion. To dream your ammunition is exhausted, denotes fruitless struggles and endeavors.
Amorous. To dream you are amorous, warns you against personal desires and pleasures,as they are threatening to engulf you in scandal. For a young woman it portends illicit engagements, unless she chooses staid and moral companions. For a married woman, it foreshadows discontent and desire for pleasure outside the home. To see others amorous, foretells that you will be persuaded to neglect your moral obligations. To see animals thus, denotes you will engage in degrading pleasures with fast men or women.
Amputation. Ordinary amputation of limbs, denotes small offices lost;the loss of entire legs or arms, unusual depression in trade. To seamen, storm and loss of property. Afflicted persons should be warned to watchfulness after this dream.
Anchor To dream of an anchor is favorable to sailors, if seas are calm. To others it portends separation from friends, change of residence,and foreign travel. Sweethearts are soon to quarrel if either sees an anchor.
Andirons. Andirons seen in a dream, denotes good will among friends,if the irons support burning logs; if they are in an empty fireplace,loss of property and death are signified.
Anecdote. To dream of relating an anecdote, signifies that you will greatly prefer gay companionship to that of intellect, and that your affairs will prove as unstable as yourself. For a young woman to hear anecdotes related, denotes that she will be one of a merry party of pleasure-seekers.
Angels. To dream of angels is prophetic of disturbing influences in the soul. It brings a changed condition of the person's lot. If the dream is unusually pleasing, you will hear of the health of friends,and receive a legacy from unknown relatives. If the dream comes as a token of warning, the dreamer may expect threats of scandal about love or money matters. To wicked people, it is a demand to repent; to good people it should be a consolation.
Anger. To dream of anger, denotes that some awful trial awaits you. Disappointments in loved ones, and broken ties, of enemies may make new attacks upon your property or character. To dreams that friends or relatives are angry with you, while you meet their anger with composure, denotes you will mediate between opposing friends,and gain their lasting favor and gratitude.
Angling. To dream of catching fish is good. If you fail to catch any,it will be bad for you.
Annoy. This dream denotes that you have enemies who are at work against you. Annoyances experienced in dreams are apt to find speedy fulfillment in the trifling incidents of the following day.
Antelope. Seeing antelopes in a dream, foretells your ambitions will be high,but may be realized by putting forth great energy. For a young woman to see an antelope miss its footing and fall from a height,denotes the love she aspires to will prove her undoing.
Ants The dreamer of ants should expect many petty annoyances during the day;chasing little worries, and finding general dissatisfaction in all things.
Anvil. To see hot iron with sparks flying, is significant of a pleasing work;to the farmer, an abundant crop; favorable indeed to women. Cold, or small, favors may be expected from those in power. The means of success is in your power, but in order to obtain it you will have to labor under difficulty. If the anvil is broken,it foretells that you have, through your own neglect, thrown away promising opportunities that cannot be recalled.
Anxiety. A dream of this kind is occasionally a good omen, denoting,after threatening states, success and rejuvenation of mind;but if the dreamer is anxious about some momentous affair,it indicates a disastrous combination of business and social states.
Apes. This dream brings humiliation and disease to some dear friend.To see a small ape cling to a tree, warns the dreamer to beware; a falseperson is close to you and will cause unpleasantness in your circle.Deceit goes with this dream.
Apparel. Dreams of apparel, denote that enterprises will be successes or failures,as the apparel seems to be whole and clean, or soiled and threadbare.To see fine apparel, but out of date, foretells that you will have fortune,but you will scorn progressive ideas.If you reject out-of-date apparel, you will outgrow present environmentsand enter into new relations, new enterprises and new loves, which willtransform you into a different person.To see yourself or others appareled in white, denotes eventful changes,and you will nearly always find the change bearing sadness.To walk with a person wearing white, proclaims that person'sillness or distress, unless it be a young woman or child,then you will have pleasing surroundings for a season at least.To see yourself, or others, dressed in black, portends quarrels,disappointments, and disagreeable companions; or, if it refersto business, the business will fall short of expectations.To see yellow apparel, foretells approaching gaieties and financial progress.Seen as a flitting spectre, in an unnatural light, the reverse maybe expected. You will be fortunate if you dream of yellow cloth.To dream of blue apparel, signifies carrying forward to victoryyour aspirations, through energetic, insistent efforts.Friends will loyally support you.To dream of crimson apparel, foretells that you will escape formidableenemies by a timely change in your expressed intention.To see green apparel, is a hopeful sign of prosperity and happiness.To see many colored apparel, foretells swift changes, and interminglingof good and bad influences in your future.To dream of misfitting apparel, intimates crosses in your affections,and that you are likely to make a mistake in some enterprise.To see old or young in appropriate apparel, denotes that youwill undertake some engagement for which you will have no liking,and which will give rise to many cares.For a woman to dream that she is displeased with her apparel,foretells that she will find many vexatious rivalries in her questfor social distinction.To admire the apparel of others, denotes that she will have jealousfears of her friends.To dream of the loss of any article of apparel, denotes disturbancesin your business and love affairs.For a young woman to dream of being attired in a guazy black costume,foretells she will undergo chastening sorrow and disappointment.For a young woman to dream that she meets another attired in a crimson dresswith a crepe mourning veil over her face, foretells she will be outrivaledby one she hardly considers her equal, and bitter disappointment will sourher against women generally.The dreamer interpreting the dream of apparel should be carefulto note whether the objects are looking natural. If the faces aredistorted and the light unearthly, though the colors are bright,beware; the miscarriage of some worthy plan will work you harm.There are few dreams in which the element of evil is wanting,as there are few enterprises in waking life from which the elementof chance is obviated.[16] See Clothes and Coat.
Aparition. Take unusual care of all depending upon you. Calamity awaits you and yours.Both property and life are in danger. Young people should bedecidedly upright in their communications with the opposite sex.Character is likely to be rated at a discount.
Apples. This is a very good dream to the majority of people.To see red apples on trees with green foliage is exceedingly propitiousto the dreamer.To eat them is not as good, unless they be faultless.A friend who interprets dreams says: ``Ripe apples on a tree,denotes that the time has arrived for you to realize your hopes;think over what you intend to do, and go fearlessly ahead.Ripe on the top of the tree, warns you not to aim too high.Apples on the ground imply that false friends, and flatterersare working you harm. Decayed apples typify hopeless efforts.''
Apprentice. To dream that you serve as an apprentice, foretells you will have a struggleto win a place among your companions
Apricot. Dreams of seeing apricots growing, denote that the future, though seeminglyrosy hued, holds masked bitterness and sorrow for you.To eat them signifies the near approach of calamitous influences.If others eat them, your surroundings will be unpleasantand disagreeable to your fancies. A friend says:``Apricots denote that you have been wasting time over triflesor small things of no value.''
April. To dream of the month of April, signifies that much pleasureand profit will be your allotment. If the weather is miserable,it is a sign of passing ill luck.
Apron. To dream of an apron, signifies a zigzag course, for a young woman.For a school girl to dream that her apron is loosened, or torn,implies bad lessons, and lectures in propriety from parents and teachers.
Ascend. If you reach the extreme point of ascent, or top of steps, without stumbling,it is good; otherwise, you will have obstacles to overcome before the good of the day is found.
Asceticism. To dream of asceticism, denotes that you will cultivate strange principles and views, rendering yourself fascinating to strangers,but repulsive to friends.
Ashes. Dreaming of ashes omens woe, and many bitter changes are sure to come to the dreamer. Blasted crops to the farmer. Unsuccessful deals for the trader. Parents will reap the sorrows of wayward children.
Asia. To dream of visiting Asia is assurance of change, but no material benefits from fortune will follow.
Asp. This is an unfortunate dream. Females may lose the respect of honorable and virtuous people. Deadly enemies are at work to defame character. Sweethearts will wrong each other.
Assassin. If you are the one to receive the assassin's blow, you will not surmount all your trials. To see another, with the assassin standing over him with blood stains,portends that misfortune will come to the dreamer. To see an assassin under any condition is a warning that losses may befall you through secret enemies.
Assistance. Giving assistance to any one in a dream, foretells you will be favored in your efforts to rise to higher position. If any one assists you, you will be pleasantly situated,and loving friends will be near you.
Asylum. To dream of an asylum, denotes sickness and unlucky dealings,which cannot be overcome without great mental struggle.
Astral. Dreams of the astral, denote that your efforts and plans will culminate in worldly success and distinction. A spectre or picture of your astral self brings heart-rending tribulation.
Atlas. To dream you are looking at an atlas, denotes that you will carefully study interests before making changes or journeys.
Atonement. Means joyous communing with friends, and speculators need not fear any drop in stocks. Courting among the young will meet with happy consummation. The sacrifice or atonement of another for your waywardness, is portentous of the humiliation of self or friends through your open or secret disregard of duty. A woman after this dream is warned of approaching disappointment.
Attic. To dream that you are in an attic, denotes that you are entertaining hopes which will fail of materialization. For a young woman to dream that she is sleeping in an attic, foretells that she will fail to find contentment in her present occupation.
Attorney. To see an attorney at the bar, denotes that disputes of a serious nature will arise between parties interested in worldly things. Enemies are stealing upon you with false claims. If you see an attorney defending you, your friends will assist you in coming trouble,but they will cause you more worry than enemies.
Auction. To dream of an auction in a general way, is good. If you hear the auctioneer crying his sales, it means bright prospects and fair treatment from business ventures. To dream of buying at an auction, signifies close deals to tradesmen,and good luck in live stock to the farmer. Plenty, to the housewife is the omen for women. If there is a feeling of regret about the dream,you are warned to be careful of your business affairs.
August. To dream of the month of August, denotes unfortunate deals,and misunderstandings in love affairs. For a young woman to dream that she is going to be married in August,is an omen of sorrow in her early wedded life.
Augur. To see augurs in your dreams, is a forecast of labor and toil.
Aunt. For a young woman to dream of seeing her aunt, denotes she will receive sharp censure for some action, which will cause her much distress. If this relative appears smiling and happy, slight difference will soon give way to pleasure.
Aura. To dream of discussing any subject relating to aura, denotes that you will reach states of mental unrest, and work to discover the power which influences you from within.
Autumn. For a woman to dream of Autumn, denotes she will obtain property through the struggles of others. If she thinks of marrying in Autumn,she will be likely to contract a favorable marriage and possess a cheerful home.
Automobile. To dream that you ride in an automobile, denotes that you will be restless under pleasant conditions, and will make a change in your affairs. There is grave danger of impolitic conduct intimated through a dream of this nature. If one breaks down with you, the enjoyment of a pleasure will not extend to the heights you contemplate. To find yourself escaping from the path of one, signifies that you will do well to avoid some rival as much as you can honestly allow. For a young woman to look for one, she will be disappointed in her aims to entice some one into her favor.
Author. For an author to dream that his manuscript has been rejected by the publisher, denotes some doubt at first, but finally his work will be accepted as authentic and original. To dream of seeing an author over his work, perusing it with anxiety,denotes that you will be worried over some literary work either of your own or that of some other person.
Awake To dream that you are awake, denotes that you will experience strange happenings which will throw you into gloom. To pass through green, growing fields, and look upon landscape,in your dreams, and feel that it is an awaking experience,signifies that there is some good and brightness in store for you,but there will be disappointments intermingled between the present and that time.
Axe. Seeing an axe in a dream, foretells that what enjoyment you may have will depend on your struggles and energy. To see others using an axe, foretells, your friends will be energetic and lively, making existence a pleasure when near them. For a young woman to see one, portends her lover will be worthy,but not possessed with much wealth. A broken or rusty axe,indicates illness and loss of money and property. B. ``_God came to Abimelech in a dream by night, and said to him,`Behold, thou art but a dead man, for the woman thou hast taken;for she is a man's wife_.''--Gen. xx., 3rd.