Daily Horoscope 16 July, 2019

Tuesday will surprise you with various events mostly related to your financial affairs and interests. This will be a good day for making money-related decisions, solving a legal case of a financial nature, etc. Today avoid solving a domestic problem, especially if it depends on another person. In your love plan, your expectations will diverge from today events, but do not expect crises or love dramas. Your friendly relationship with a woman will be delicate due to thoughtless words or actions on her part. In some cases, her actions may even harm you. Young men will be dissapointed with a damaged item or equipment, as well as another incident related to items they use in their everyday lives. MORE

The woman from Hagia Sophia - 1

Only a few days ago I had no idea what experiences I have to expect at the beginning of November. My life was flowing in the usual routine: home, work, family....
The invitation to travel to Kuwait came unexpectedly. On the one hand, I needed some diversity, but on the other, flying by plane was always frightening, especially in view of the recent events ... Later I realized that on the day I flew there were two plane crashes....
The plane ticket was Bucharest - Istanbul, and then Istanbul - Kuwait. The difference between the two flights was about an hour and a half, enough for a successful connection from one flight to another.
Problems started at the airport in Bucharest. The flight has been delayed for almost 30 minutes. When I got onto the plane, it turned out that my place was on the last line, the last seat next to the window. Everything seemed to have been predetermined from the beginning.
When I landed in Istanbul, I needed at least 20 minutes to get out of the plane, and that was the end. The flights to Kuwait were closed for me. Panic is a normal condition at this time. Thankfully, my knowledge of English was enough to understand that as the delay is not my fault, Turkish Airlines would provide me with a hotel and meals until the next flight, which would be the next day in the evening. The idea of staying in Istanbul was frightening because I did not know anyone here and I did not have any Turkish lira.
The road to the hotel was boring and long until the great Constantinople church / St. Constantine's mosque of Hagia Sophia was seen ...my first glance at her was special, magical. Read More HERE

II. On departure from Istanbul, the Thracian Byzantium, the Roman Constantinople. 

She, the daughter of Vespasian, stayed there in ancient Constantinople (Bizantium*), keeping her secrets and those of the Empire that Flavius managed successfully. When I saw in the encyclopedia that he was born on November 17, I thought that what happened might have been related to Emperor's coming birthday. His civil service, Vespasian Emperor, awkward began as a military tribune in Thrace. His only daughter, Flavia, died at the age of 30. She was deified as Augusta (Divine) by her younger brother Domitian in 85 years. 
What is the connection with her and the Thracian Byzantine (Constantinople) I do not know. My attempts to find some information in the Internet were in vain. But I believe what I have seen and experienced....
In the late afternoon of the same day I started preparing for the next flight. The instructions of the Turkish Airlines were that at 17:00. a car would come to pick us up. From the group that missed flights the previous night, only I and two Arabs remained. At 17:00. there was still no car. MORE